A Message from the Director

Technology and Social Media: The Frontier of Fundraising

As Non-Profits across Sussex County prepare to meet the needs of the community, we are all very aware of how each of us are asked to do more with less funding. The shifting economic landscape and budget cuts have forced many in the business, non-profit and social service sectors to explore new ways to serve the most vulnerable populations in Delaware.

The large corporations, that once funded multiple agencies, have dramatically changed the way they in which they grant funds. They prefer to fund projects that have partnering agencies, working together to reach goals to serve the needs of the community, in a way that ensures collective impact. We have seen an increase in collaboration and a renewed sense of teamwork in Sussex County. We know that we are stronger together and we can go farther when we unite.

One of the ways that we can all benefit, is to work collaboratively when asking for the community to support our efforts with personal donations. United Way of Delaware has stepped up to provide all non-profits a chance to participate in a day of giving on June 2nd through the "Do More 24 Campaign”. They hope to raise $500,000.00 collectively, in a twenty four hour period. The goal is to increase private and corporate giving statewide. This "crowd fundraising” concept builds on the momentum of social media and online giving that younger, more technology driven, donors enjoy.

The Sussex County Health Coalition has worked hard to increase the digital footprint of all of our partners and continue to share the message of collaboration and collective impact. Take a minute to visit our Facebook page to see how we are truly "Stronger Together”. Join us in sharing this message in our community. If your non-profit organizations need’s support in learning how to increase your digital footprint reach out to us we can help!