6th Annual SCHPC Summer Childcare Training

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 6:30-9:30pm - P.A.C.T.T. Center at Sussex Tech

An educational evening for early care providers. This years classes support developmentally appropriate education for the young child. Key classes will foster understanding and learning strategies to support providers serving children with special needs.

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 6:30-9:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm)
P.A.C.T.T. Center at Sussex Tech, Georgetown, DE

Register no later than August 7th.

Registration fee is $10.00 and includes a boxed dinner. For more registration information, contact Amanda Meade at (302) 262-9459 or ameade@pmgconsulting.net.

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Description of Classes

  • Child Development and Trauma—Presenter: Peggy Geisler, MA., Executive Director—Sussex County Health Promotion Coalition. Understanding the impact of trauma and toxic stress on child development. This workshop will ex-plore the impact of adverse childhood experiences and how trauma shapes a child’s brain developmentally. Under-standing these developmental implications will give the provider full comprehension on the potential learning limita-tions of children who have experiences trauma. The workshop will also discuss strategies to help providers integrate healthy adaptive responses and model appropriate behaviors that promote and boost infant, toddler and young children’s ability to thrive and develop appropriately.
  • Cara’s Kit—Presenter: Tina Ullman, Child Development Specialist—Easter Seals. The Cara's Kit workshop focuses on making adaptations to the environment to ensure that all children can experience and be successful in the pre-school classroom regardless of differing abilities. (Quality Assured DIEEC Training)
  • Free Art vs Cookie Cutter Art—Presenter: Kathy Moore, Administrator—PACTT Center. Discover what is considered "free art” and what is known as "cookie cutter” art. Sample Free ART demonstration and development.
  • Delaware STARS Informational Session—Presenter: Karen Schreiber, MA., Technical Assistant —Delaware STARS. Participants will be aware updates on new STARS requirements, what to look for and trends for 2015. The class will conclude with an open discussion forum with STARS and OEL Representation present to answer questions.
  • PRIDE Skills Training—Presenter: Kelly Stanley, LPCMH. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Div. of Preven-tion and Behavioral Health. Learn a specific set of skills to use in the classroom to strengthen the teacher/child rela-tionship and improve your student's willingness to follow directions!


A Message from the Director
YHP Champions Eligible for SCHPC Mini-Grant

SCHPC has been the Community Mobilizing Organization for United Way of Delaware and AstraZeneca for two years now! During that time the coalition has worked to establish partnerships that enhance youth programming that targets families and their children ages 10-16. Some of the programs we offered included: Family Fun Nights, Youth in Government, Art Programming and Weird Science. SCHPC has done much of that work with and through key strategic partnerships in the community. This engagement helped agencies/organizations understand the needs of our youth and work to expand programs and supports. - READ MORE - NEWSLETTER - PDF