A Message from the Director

"Charting a Course to a Healthier Sussex County” - SCHC will use the map of Collective Community Impact!

SCHC has gone through a tremendous amount of growth over the last decade alongside our partners. The landscape of our community has changed in its resources, needs and even population. We have weathered the tides of the communities’ changes and continue to look for ways to steer a course in making Delaware Healthier! Each of our five committees are diligently working on creating components of a community health Dashboard. Looking at the needs in each of their areas they will drill down on specific goals their work will address in the coming New Year and beyond. Many have already identified goals in which they want to work but will be identifying specific targets to measure that will drive collective Community Impact. In our April newsletter SCHC will share with you what each committee hopes to work towards in the New Year.

SCHC will foster collective impact with our partners by agreeing on shared measurements, working with partners to align activities, working with partners and funders to align community resources. In addition we will strive to integrate and foster strong statewide partnerships to help us move toward collective impact in Sussex around health, education, youth development and financial stability for those we serve. We will need all of our partners locally and statewide to help with this heavy lift. There are many areas of need and we will be strategic in our work. We are here to support quality programs and partner agencies who seek to work collaboratively with others! Join our movement be part of a strength based positive approach to collective impact work. It’s as simple as becoming a member or recruiting additional members to be involved. In the words of Henry Ford:

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Peggy Geisler, Director
Sussex County Health Coalition