A Message from the Director

Sussex County Health Coalition is honored to lead the first Delaware Healthy Neighborhood initiative in the state. SCHC will need all our partners in this effort to build a "Culture of Health” for all our citizens. Over the last six months, SCHC has been developing an action plan with a set of tangible measurements to help our entire county, through our sectors, embrace health as a shared responsibility and good. Over 95 members have helped to shape and set goals to identify indicators that impact our community and to identified ways to integrate efforts to reach these goals. This community plan is a collective impact framework using the Social Ecological Theory of Change to foster this work in creating a culture of health.

Sussex County’s Culture of Health is broken into four interconnected action areas that we are aligning with the current community strategies that are and taken directly from Robert Wood Johnson’s work.

These action areas are:

1. MAKING HEALTH A SHARED VALUE, measured by indicators such as the percentage of people who strongly agree that health is influenced by their peers and their communities and the percentage who indicate they have adequate social support from family and friends.

2. FOSTERING CROSS-SECTOR COLLABORATION TO IMPROVE WELL-BEING, denoted by measures like the number of local health departments that collaborate with community organizations and employers who promote better health in the workplace.

3. CREATING HEALTHIER, MORE EQUITABLE COMMUNITIES, using measurements such as the number of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and safe sidewalks in communities; the ratio of children attending preschool; community members who are employed with a livable wage and the affordability of housing.

4. STRENGTHENING INTEGRATION OF HEALTH SERVICES AND SYSTEMS, gauged by measures such as the percentage of people served by a comprehensive public health system and the percentage of physicians sharing electronic data with other clinicians, health systems and patients.

It is the Coalition’s focus to assist the community in further catalyzing these Action Areas to spark dynamic local conversation and advocacy about the physical, social, economic and emotional conditions that influence health. We also hope these dialogues and community plans will create a greater sense of both individual and shared accountability increasing purposeful collaboration of the different sectors to improve health outcomes.

SCHC through Healthy Neighborhoods will seek to work in real time to foster local solutions through the following:
"Together, we can make Sussex County the leading Healthy Community in Delaware and a driving force for health transformation locally and statewide. I know we will face challenges but together we can innovate and attain what we envision for ourselves, each other and our community.”

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To learn more about Motivate the First State, become a part of the SCHC Team or start your own Team in the Motivate the First State clubhouse, contact Midline Estimable at 302-262-9459 or sign up online.

Did You Know?

1 bottle of soda (20 oz.) has about 18 teaspoons of sugar? You’d have to bike for about 1 hour to burn off the calories in a 20 oz. bottle of soda. Join the Rethink Your Drink Movement by taking a pledge to cut out sugary beverages for one month! Call the SCHC office to learn more about Rethink Your Drink and the Healthy Sussex Worksite Wellness Program.

Shatter Proof

Shatterproof is a bold, new national organization committed to protecting our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs and ending the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

Celebrating 10 Years

Ten years ago, Sussex County Health Promotion Coalition focused primarily on children’s health promotion in Sussex County.


Community Hero

The Community Hero Award was presented to David Crimmins during the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Coalition on October 28, 2015.