Oral Health Training

February 2 2017
The Delaware Division of Public Health, Bureau of Oral Health and Dental Services in partnership with the Sussex  County Health Coalition facilitated an Oral Health Training on Thursday, December 1 at the Thurman Adams State Service Center. This training was open to all who work with families with children at risk for early childhood caries. The training was intended to supplement oral health literacy, enhancing the likelihood of very young children obtaining early preventive dental care so they never have to experience tooth decay.

Promoting Oral Health in Delaware’s Families: An Approach for Professionals

Professionals were able to get increased knowledge in:
  • Understanding how to help families attain oral health literacy;
  • Understanding oral development in children;
  • Understanding and explaining to parents the disease process and risk factors of tooth decay.
  • Understanding and use evidence-based early childhood caries prevention strategies, including:
    • the motivational interviewing technique to help families adopt healthier behaviors;
    • teaching families proper mouth cleaning, tooth brushing, and flossing.
The request for an training Oral Health Training transpired during a conversation that took place at Sussex County Health Coalition’s Health Committee meeting. This training was previously offered in New Castle County. The Maternal and Child Health Bureau felt that it was essential to offer a similar training in Sussex County as well. MCH has hopes that increasing awareness while in turn increase the number of children who attend their first visit to the dentist by their first birthday. As a result, 10 organizations were trained, which allowed us to reach over 1,000 kids.

If you would like to receive training or more information call SCHC at 302-262-9459.

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